9 March 2012

My design in Pumpkin Patch shop in New Zeland-photos by friend that lives there.xx

My friend very kindly took some photos of my designs in P/P shop in New Zeland.
thank you Flora.xx


Flora Waycott said...

They look great Filipa - and even better in the flesh over here! xx


hey filipa I have given you an award swing over to my blog to check it out x

Michele Payne said...

Oops. guess what!? I've just given you one of those awards too!! You lucky lady, twice in one day :) I'm sure you just have to pick the once though if you want to xxxx Michele

Filipa Cipriano Design said...

uahu thank you guys, so sweet...how do i do that on mine?
Iwill have a look at it.
hope you are well.